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Special Activities

Different activities that include wildlife photography, hot air ballooning, game drives, walking, birding, diving, sailing, scuba snorkeling, horse riding, canoeing, fishing and spectacular and incredible scenery.

Travel Arrangements

We don't want to sell you a tour package; we want to understand your needs, so we can tailor make an itinerary that meets your specific requirements. We look at your opportunities and challenges and design a solution customized to fit your requirements.

Private Guide

Our safari driver guides combine discipline and punctuality culture of the tourism industry. They are highly trained, experienced, enthusiastic and among the very best in the industry


  • Greeting and meeting in the hotel or airport
  • Private transfers
  • Excursions – One day tours (adventure, nature, cultural), private or regular service
  • Multi day packages
  • Hotel reservations
  • Air transfers
  • Honeymoons
  • Groups
  • Dinner parties
  • Meeting and incentive groups
  • Personalized service
  • Our recommendations and expertise

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